Ruth Phypers

Ruth Phypers BA (Hons) MA (Distinction) Dip. MCMA

Building on her experience in leading-edge technology solutions since 1992, Ruth combines extensive health and recovery knowledge with Low Level Laser (cold laser) technology to offer a holistic natural health service. Mentored by Professor Gordon Farmer, pioneer of therapeutic laser (photobiomodulation), Ruth is expert in the therapeutic laser protocols developed during Professor Farmer’s extensive 40 years of research, which incorporate traditional acupuncture principles and nutrition.

Ruth’s personal regime involves a daily yoga and meditation practice. She is a third series astanga yoga practitioner and a Buddhist of 16 years. Her recently published book, Dragon King’s Daughter: Adventures of a Sex and Love Addict, combines Buddhist philosophy and practice with a solution for recovery from addiction.

Ruth Phypers holds a Diploma as a Practitioner of Therapeutic Laser (2015) (UKITL)
Ruth Phypers is an accredited Training Consultant in Therapeutic Laser (2018) (UKITL)

Member of the Complementary Medical Association

Professor Gordon Farmer MD

Gordon Farmer, a trained medic, is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and has practised holistic medicine for almost fifty years. During the last thirty years Professor Farmer has incorporated therapeutic laser into his practice, becoming a pioneer and strong advocate of the technology. He now spends a lot of his time in research with university hospitals and training health professionals throughout the country in his techniques with therapeutic laser. Gordon works with Ruth as a senior consultant and as her mentor and guide.