Professional Training: Class 3b Laser Therapy for Facial Aesthetics

We are pleased to announce professional training for best practice use of Class 3b Laser for the application of facial aesthetics, skin health, wrinkle correction, eye rejuvenation and non-invasive face lifts. The course is suitable for any aesthetic skin-care professional who wishes to incorporate best practice Class 3b Laser (cold laser) into their services. Areas [...]

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Professional Training: Medical Class 3b Laser Therapy

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Medical Class 3b Laser Therapy Training for Professionals in London, UK. Recognising the many different applications of Class 3b Laser, this training course introduces the core principles of Photobiomodulation and provides many proven protocols for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions. The course is suitable [...]

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When a mentor passes…

I met Gordon Farmer five years ago. Lottie, my 18 month old standard poodle was sick. I was a little bit lost. Not only did Gordon save my dog's life that day, he changed mine for the better. Gordon Farmer was to become one of the greatest teachers of my life. It was already a journey reaching Gordon's house the day we [...]

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Low level laser therapy for scar tissue

When any soft tissue is damaged the body produces scar tissue. We normally associate scar tissue with cuts and incisions at the skin's surface. However, scar tissue is also produced beneath the skin, around damaged muscles, nerves and joints. If the body's natural healing mechanism does not clear the scar tissue away (which is often the case), [...]

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate

Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Prostate Cancer UK reports that men of colour are twice as likely to experience prostate cancer than white men  (1 in 4 compared to 1 in 8). More common than this however is an enlarged prostate gland, which many men (both black and white) experience once they reach 45-50. We believe [...]

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Cold Laser use in sports medicine worldwide

Technical light therapy is being used by Governmental agencies such as NASA for treating medical conditions in space environments. The US Olympic training facilities have also released statements of endorsement for laser therapy for athletes. Cold lasers are used by almost all major sports teams the world over including the Olympics, the NBA, UCLA, NFL [...]

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