A healthy digestive system is the gateway to better health.

Our gastrointestinal system extracts nutrients from food into our blood. It also digests nutrients into small enough units to be absorbed, and then eliminates anything left over that we don’t need. Because digestion is the mechanism that makes our bodies work, any imbalance or faulty function in the system can lead to more than stomach ache or gas. Chronic fatigue, premature ageing, arthritis, poor skin and hair quality, allergies and cancer are just a few of the effects of poor digestion.

There are many ways that we can help the process, good nutrition being a main one, keeping to a fresh food diet, avoiding fast foods or even too much cooked food, which digests at a much slower rate than raw food. Also by making sure that our bodies are creating the right enzymes to aid the digestive process. Good enzyme supplements can really help here. And then there is the right amount of exercise too, so that we are burning energy in direct proportion to the amount of food that we eat.

At Laser Medicine we help many people improve their digestion with a healthy digestive system, by using therapeutic laser to stimulate and balance the digestive system, clearing away waste cells that may be slowing the system down, and re-energising the nerves that connect the digestive organs with each other. It results in a balanced and more efficient system all the way through.

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