Low Level Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Experience Low Level Laser Therapy for pain relief. Most of our patients have experienced pain relief during their course of treatments. We successfully employ the Low Level Laser modality for pain management across numerous conditions. Often, patients who have been in constant pain for many years experience instant pain relief after a Cold Laser treatment, which traditional medication often has been unable to address. Through our experience of working with patients with pain, we feel that pain relief is the greatest single benefit of Cold Laser | Low Level Laser therapy. In America the FDA has approved Low Level Laser for pain relief, and many clinical trials support this.

Because Therapeutic Laser works on three fundamental levels we believe that pain is addressed within the body in a variety of ways. As we balance the lymphatic system and encourage the distribution of white blood cells to the necessary areas of the body for healing, so too are endorphins released into the blood stream, which creates the benefit of a natural pain relief treatment. Furthermore Low Level Laser reduces inflammation.

Patients with fibromyalgia, neuralgia, arthritis, chronic injuries, ulcers, post-operative wounds, and other inflammatory diseases have all experienced pain relief after treatment, often reporting a long term relief from pain for long periods afterwards.

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