Therapeutic laser is accredited in the UK by the UK Institute of Laser Therapy (UKITL), and worldwide by the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT).

WALT promotes best practice laser therapy worldwide by focusing on high quality research in photobiomodulation, giving evidence-based guidance, education and standards for best practice in low level laser therapy to its practitioners. Members share knowledge and successes with each other, providing invaluable support and guidance to an ever growing community of laser therapists.

UKITL aims to promote and encourage the therapeutic use of cold laser in both the NHS and private practice through education, research and collaboration. Inspired by therapeutic laser practitioners, UKITL are passionate about the efficacy of cold laser and are determined to bring this amazing technology into the mainstream of UK health solutions. UKITL represents a community of practitioners willing to share knowledge and experiences and help others successfully treat the wide variety of conditions that respond well to cold laser.