Facial Aesthetics

We use Low Level Laser for facial aesthetics, combined with traditional acupuncture principles, to promote youthful ageing in the following ways:

  • We balance and rejuvenate the lymphatic system itself so that we actively engage the body’s natural healing system to make the body work more efficiently – i.e. we help it to perform and be ‘younger’.
  • We harness the power of low level laser | cold laser to rejuvenate the organs that are fundamental in supporting the skin and the ageing process – the kidneys, spleen, liver and of course the skin itself.
  • We increase the production of collagen naturally within the skin and promote the removal of dead cells (naturally harnessing the power of white blood cells and their dispersal of dead cells through the body’s waste).
  • And most significantly, we focus purely on skin rejuvenation by increasing the production of new skin cells and the speed with which they appear at the skin’s surface. Low level laser |cold laser therapy (used at the right frequency and depth) increases the production of ATP (energy) at a cellular level.

Our low level laser for facial aesthetics protocols for speed and intensity of light, our intimate knowledge of specific points on the skin’s surface for regeneration and stimulation, and our expertise in balancing and enhancing the body’s internal organs using traditional acupuncture principles, which promote the body’s overall health and vitality, all combine to create a powerful and effective solution for resolving the signs of ageing naturally, and, we believe, beautifully.

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