My prostate is the best it has been in years
When I first started my treatment for enlarged prostate I was peeing numerous times a day, often having to stop my car and find a place by the roadside. I was also having to get up several times in the night. After one or two sessions I felt an improvement, however after a few months with treatments every 2-3 weeks I have to say that prostate feels completely cured. I stopped taking prescribed medication at the beginning of the process, and instead take the herbal supplements recommended by Laser Medicine. I was incredibly sceptical that this could work in the beginning but I can’t ignore the facts. And I’m really happy about it.

Mr Jackson, West London.

Incredible pain relief
I have suffered from chronic pain for years after a bad accident in my twenties which involved major surgery. I became used to the pain and also developed arthritis in the affected areas. Traditional pain killers did not work. However, after the first treatment with Laser Medicine I pretty much floated out of the clinic and was pain free for over a week. I have been for a few treatments – several weeks apart – and the mobility in my joints has improved radically. As for the pain, that feels like a thing of the past.

Mrs Brown, SE London

Abdominal relief and help with my digestion
I have benefitted from the Cold Laser Therapy for easing and soothing tension in my abdominal area following previous surgery. I find it is effective in relieving pain in this area which is an area I tend hold stress and after the treatment the pain goes and I feel a sense of well being afterwards. It has also been effective on treating a shoulder / rotator cuff issue that I had and has now gone after the treatment. Ruth is a personable and professional therapist and I enjoy the treatment and the lasting effects. It has been an effective treatment for me.

Mr Smith, Essex.