It all started when my dog Lottie fell ill. First she couldn’t eat or drink without vomiting. Then she completely lost her balance and developed a neurological disorder that indicated anything as serious as a brain tumour. She lost weight, went on a drip for days and lost all co-ordination and ability to walk. Yet after endless diagnostics at a specialist hospital, all  inconclusive, the vets discharged Lottie with no diagnosis and no cure. I drove cross country to see Gordon Farmer, Lottie’s last hope. When we arrived Gordon took one look at Lottie and said, “Oh yes, we can sort that out. It’s a blockage pressing on the nerve that controls her balance. We’ll clear it and she will be fine.” I was intrigued. After a few minutes Gordon found the place of discomfort, cleared the area with a laser cluster, and within a couple of days Lottie was back to being a normal dog, as if nothing had happened.