The devastating effects of process addiction can be as traumatic and destructive as substance abuse or alcoholism. Withdrawal and recovery from compulsive behaviours such as sex addiction, love addiction, anorexia or food addiction, and even financial debt, is in many cases, even more difficult than the excruciating withdrawal of breaking free of drugs or alcohol. Moreover, as process addiction is adopted in early life, often as a result of traumatic childhood events, it can be complex, pervasive and baffling by nature. At Laser Medicine we shine light on addiction.

In my scorchingly honest account of childhood abuse, which directly contributed to my own addictive processes – sex and love addiction, anorexia, drug addiction and workaholism – I share the personal complexities of this disease of addiction from its roots. My subsequent recovery, which embraced a Buddhist philosophy and practice, Astanga yoga, 12 Step and trauma psychotherapy, eventually led to my discovery of Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy in 2014, whilst experiencing an episode of recurring moderate severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Once found, I resolved to bring the profound and literally mind changing effects of Low Level (Cold) Laser to the UK.

DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER: ADVENTURES OF A SEX AND LOVE ADDICT narrates this journey: From childhood abuse and a life torn apart from addiction, to finding the spiritual path that set me on a road to recovery, which culminated in my discovery of Therapeutic Laser – where modern science meets ancient eastern healing to become one of the most powerful addiction recovery techniques available today.

Cold Laser had such a profound effect on my own mental and emotional health that I made it my absolute mission to bring this relatively unknown yet astonishingly effective treatment available to trauma victims, recovering addicts and anyone suffering from depression and chronic pain. Now with many successful patient test cases, Laser Medicine is confident to introduce this simple, yet powerful therapy to the UK addiction recovery community as we literally shed light on addiction.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Addiction

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