Pura Collagen is a clinically proven to be one of the best collagen supplements UK, and regular use of Pura Collagen for a minimum period of 6 weeks, is likely to reset your body and skin to how they performed in your 20s. Used in conjunction with Photobiomodulation Therapy (Low Level Laser), which also increases the body’s natural production of ATP and Collagen, Pura Collagen is my new obsession, and I’m shouting it from the rooftops!

Seriously, I have been blown away by the results. It’s been a silver bullet for the fall-out from the big hormone change last year, including joint pain, weakness, injuries, recovery speeds, hair, skin and nail strength… So much so that I don’t consider Pura Collagen to be a ‘supplement’, rather a ‘staple’. You mix it in your tea, coffee, porridge, juice, food, or whatever, daily… and there are two products specifically engineered to focus on where you need them.

  1. Flex+ (for Joints, Cartilage and Tendons).
  2. Glow+ (for Skin, Hair and Nails).

In case you’re thinking of finding a less expensive product, let me stop you right there. (I have a 10% off code for you at the end of this post). Most collagen products are of a lower quality and won’t work. And as for ‘vegan’ Collagen – there really is no such thing if you understand what Collagen actually is. You’d need to eat an ocean of sea kelp. It doesn’t work!

The founder of Pura Collagen is Jennifer Mo, and she’s a scientist and ex-athlete. Jen developed the products during lockdown, using herself as the subject to resolve a number of issues that collagen can address. Jen based her research on the fibroblast and how it gets stimulated when you take collagen. Collagen peptides go through a process of hydrolysis, and the length of the chain of amino acids is key in determining how much collagen actually makes it into the body.

Here’s a link to Pura Collagen’s Blog, where Jen shares a lot of her research and ongoing projects. There’s an amazing diary experience from a lady recovering from cancer too, amongst many other useful articles.


The way to get the best price for Pura Collagen is to order a monthly subscription which benefits from a price reduction, along with the discount code LASER10, which gets you a further 10% off.


Not only does Pura Collagen is amongst the best collagen supplements UK, it’s also very easy to take. You need only two scoops a day (per product), which I personally take in a cup of tea. It dissolves super-fast and has no taste at all.

So there you go – one more secret of age reversal!

Low Level Laser Therapy for naturally enhanced collagen production and Pura Collagen for a regular dose to focus on the parts of you that need it the most.