The term ‘Laser Facials’ is being mentioned a lot at the moment. I even heard it in a recent episode of Grace and Frankie:
“Need to pop out for my laser facial!” exclaims Adam, Brianna’s long suffering PA. Are laser facials finally becoming mainstream? That would be great – as long as its the best type.

Because LASER is a broad subject, and various types of LASER are so different in their strength and effects, I thought it useful to provide a little explanation in terms of what to look for when choosing the best laser facial for you.

First of all, it is important to know what Classification of LASER equipment is used for your facial. There is an International classification of LASER based on potential for causing harm to human eyes and skin. For a Laser Facial therefore, it is very important to know that the equipment used for your facial is not going to harm your skin.

Class 4 LASER is most powerful type of LASER and is typically used in key-hole surgery, hair removal, tattoo removal etc. This type of LASER presents a high risk to eyesight and is likely to burn or scar the skin. It creates a thermal reaction and is ablative. It will probably create scar tissue and we would personally not recommend using this kind of LASER for a rejuvenating facial treatment.

Class 3b LASERS are potentially hazardous only for the eyes. Often referred to as ‘Cold Laser’ or ‘Low Level Laser’ this category of LASER may create a slight increase of heat in the skin, but is not associated with burns. Instead, Class 3b LASER creates a chain of biological process in the skin cells (and deeper) which is also known as Photobiomodulation. Class 3b Laser, we believe, produces the best results for skin rejuvenation, because of two major processes:

  1.  An increased production of collagen in the epidermis.
  2. An increased production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) or energy within cell mitochondria.

A Laser Facial in this context – also known as a Cold Laser Facial or a Low Level Laser Facial, are the best way to create a real youthful and natural process in your skin that leaves you looking and feeling younger all the time. I am sure when Brianna’s PA said Laser Facial – this was the one they meant. It’s certainly the one that A Listers and the Hollywood crowd are turning to more and more.

Class 3r LASERS fall into a similar category as Class 3b – however they are far less powerful, not posing a potential harm to eyes.

Similarly Class 1 LASERs present no potential hazard with any even lower power. This type of Laser is not coherent, and therefore far less powerful. In terms of does it requires far longer application time. However, it’s great for home use. Many of the face light masks on the market fall into the Class 1 category. You can’t overdo it with Class 1 Laser. It’s often referred to as LED.

At Laser Medicine we use a mixture of Class 3b and Class 1 Laser for our Facials because there is an added benefit from applying light though a range of different frequencies. This is where we think Laser is at its most effective, producing the best results.

Read more about our Laser Facials in London (Harley Street), and feel free to call us with any questions.

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