Scar tissue is created when tissue is damaged. The body forms new collagen (a naturally occurring protein in the body) to mend the damage, which results in a scar. The new tissue has a different texture to the surrounding tissue and as a result may create secondary issues. To restore normal function and appearance, we use cold laser for scar tissue healing.

Scar tissue remains after facial surgery, including surgical face lifts, nose surgery and any technique that would be considered invasive. This may cause secondary issues for the patient, such as swelling, congestion and hard lumps which do not disperse, even after a period of time. They may interfere with nasal, throat or sinus function, and can look unsightly, depending on where the scar tissue is. (Even an injection forms a small amount of scar tissue). We recommend cold laser for scar tissue healing to restore normal functionality and improve appearance on the skin’s surface.

Operations and surgical procedures also create scar tissue, which may lead to adhesions . Again, Low Level Laser Therapy is a recommended healing modality post-surgery, to increase healing and reduce the amount of scar tissue. It can also help reduce the build up of adhesions that can often cause pain and discomfort.

Scar tissue also forms at a deeper level when there is tissue damage in the case of acute injury such as sports injuries, falls and accidents. This is particularly common with knee, back and shoulder injuries where scar tissue forms and manifests in chronic injuries over a period of time. Because Low Level Laser therapy penetrates light to 4-5cm beneath the skin’s surface, again it is an effective way to heal tissue, resolve chronic injury and relieve pain that has been left as a result of the original injury.

There are clinical research studies specifically on scar tissue removal, which indicate positive results. And we find the best results in the clinic in our patients who report improved healing and recovery after a course of treatments.

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