Technical light therapy is used by Governmental agencies such as NASA to treat medical conditions in space environments. The US Olympic training facilities have also released statements of endorsement for laser therapy for athletes. The use of cold laser in sports medicine worldwide is prolific. It is used by almost all major sports teams the world over including the Olympics, the NBA, UCLA, NFL and NHL sports teams.

The US Olympic training facilities are enthusiastic supporters of Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) with over 50 Olympic Sports teams incorporating laser treatments into their therapy and training regimens. Cold lasers are extensively used by all teams in the NFL, the vast majority of NBA teams, Major League Soccer and the NHL.

In the week preceding the 2004 Super Bowl, Boston-based registered nurse Ellen Spicuzza who usually treats Patriot players’ injuries with medical massage, treated more than 10 Patriot players with cold laser therapy for tendon and muscle injuries. A couple of days prior to the Super Bowl weekend she treated Patriot wide receiver David Givens who had a locked hamstring. She rotated the laser over the belly of his hamstring muscle for about 5 minutes and “the laser released it.” For the big game she used cold laser on the athletes’ most troublesome pain spots, another example of the use of cold laser in sports medicine.

Chadwick Smith, clinical professor of orthopaedics and bioengineering at the University of Southern California Medical School sad, “Cold Laser speeds the healing process. It used to take at least 7-10 days for a hamstring injury to heal. Cold laser cuts it down to 2-3 days.”

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