Recently I’ve noticed the appearance of a treatment called a ‘Cool Laser Facial’, offered by various beauty and aesthetic skin specialists in London. At first I imagined that a Cool Laser Facial might be the same as the Cold Laser Facial that we offer at Laser Medicine. A Cold Laser Facial or Low Level Laser Facial employs Medical Class 3b Laser (LLLT) to produce a biological response within the skin (like photosynthesis in plants). This naturally increases the production of ATP and collagen. Result = younger performing and younger looking skin, reducing wrinkles, pigmentation marks and acne, without creating heat or scarring in the epidermis. The Cold Laser Facial does not create redness on the face or neck which means zero downtime. Many actors and celebs love it: from clinic to film set to red carpet with no interruption.

A Cool Laser Facial, it appears, is somewhat different. Unlike LLLT the power of laser and wavelength used for ‘cool laser’ fall into the Class 4 Laser category, which does creates a thermal reaction in the epidermis and subsequently forces the skin to heal. The healing process creates collagen, yes (scar tissue consists of collagen), which in turn gives the appearance of younger skin. My research indicates that the face will be red and sore for around a week after the treatment, and that results are good (Kim Kardashian reportedly swears by them). The way in which light is distributed into the skin makes a less painful treatment than the more powerful ablative lasers, hence the term ‘cool’, however ‘cool’ in this context still does have an ablative / thermal effect.

With a huge variety of rejuvenation treatments for the face and neck, it’s a good idea to research beforehand. Many clinics employ Class 4 Lasers for  ‘laser skin resurfacing’ (also used for stretch marks), which use more powerful light than ‘cool laser’. These lasers are also referred to as Ablative (Erbium and CO2) and procedures are painful (local anaesthetics used) and patients also experience downtime. Here’s a great article to read.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) never creates scarring, in fact it is used to heal scar tissue. We do great work for our patients, post-facial surgery, dissolving scar tissue and making healing more rapid. LLLT produces collagen in a different way, by improving cell function. So if you are looking for a gentler, more natural approach to cultivating a youthful appearance, Cold Laser facials are a perfect option. Made famous by Meghan and the great work of W Skin care in Toronto, Cold Laser Facials are a really good example of how less is definitely more.

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