For many years we have studied the cause and effects of addiction – from a medical position in decades of research into the use of acupuncture and cold laser therapy for addiction, and as a recovering addict in year 12 of sobriety. We appreciate the deeply complex emotional and mental causes of addiction (often linked to trauma related events in one’s past) combined with the debilitating physical effects that addiction has on health and well-being.

As the use of cold laser (Low Level Laser) is more widely embraced within the addiction recovery community, particularly within addiction treatment centres in North America (the FDA continues to recognise and approve Low Level Laser as a viable solution for pain relief, addiction and trauma related conditions), so at Laser Medicine do we continue to develop our addiction recovery techniques. We are proud of our success rates working with patients who are able to break free from addictive patterns and behaviours and reap the benefits that come from doing so.

There is no single quick fix for treating addiction as anyone who works in the field knows only too well. There are however many effective ways to address addiction recovery and cold laser is an extremely positive addition to the holistic mix. We are happy to join with ICAAD London 2018 and very much looking forward to sharing with the vast wealth of knowledge and experience brought to the conference this year.

Cold Laser Therapy for Addiction