There was interesting work published by Durham University this month, focusing on the use of Infrared Therapy to Reduce Dementia. The study and trials explore that Low Level Laser Therapy can be used for the effective treatment of symptoms associated with Dementia. Read the full Report.

Ruth Phypers at Laser Medicine was asked to comment on a follow-up article published by The Telegraph,

How infrared treatment has become a midlife health essential

In short summary, the research study explores how infrared light therapy has the potential to help people with dementia because of an increased blood flow ands a rise in the levels of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which its markedly decreased in Alzheimer’s patients. The increaser in ATP “provides energy to drive processes in living cells and helps nerve cells repair”. (Durham University).

The report goes on to explain that Infrared Therapy to Reduce Dementia also increases levels of nitric oxide, and therefore, blood flow to the brain, by improving the flexibility of the membrane that lines the inside of blood vessels. This opens up the blood vessels so that more oxygen can reach the white matter Depp inside the brain and reduce the amount of amyloid plaque, that is often associated with dementia.

The primary mechanism of Low Level Laser or Photobiomodulation Therapy is to promote energy absorption within the mitochondria and to retire the work of almost all systems that regulate and maintain homeostasis within the immune, nervous, circulatory and hormonal systems. At a systemic level for the treatment and rehabilitation of dementia, Low Level Laser Therapy is used to improve memory and brain processing. In the pilot study at Durham, the team found improvements in healthy people aged 45 and over showed a significant improvement in motor function, memory performance, delayed memory and brain processing speed, all indicating the probable benefits of Infrared Therapy to Reduce Dementia.

A recent study into the improvement of endothelial function associated with recovery from Covid-19 patients,  demonstrated the possibility of Low Level Laser Therapy for eliminating endothelial dysfunction. If the brain is deprived of oxygen it suffers from synaptic dysfunction and degeneration / loss of neutrons, leading to grey and white mayor atrophy, cognitive dysfunction and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, eliminating inflammation is the main goal of the therapeutic effect for the restoration of reduced cerebral blood flow and hypo metabolism.

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