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We’ve put together answers to some commonly asked questions within our Laser Therapy FAQs.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy effective?

Low Level Laser Therapy is the therapeutic application of Laser light at a low intensity. Laser photons are transformed into added cellular energy within the mitochondria, which causes therapeutic change. Research and many clinical trials prove that Low Level Laser Therapy increases cellular ATP (body fuel) by as much as 150%. Low Level Laser Therapy has no effect on normal tissue. Photons are only taken up by the cells that need them. A qualified Low Level Laser Therapy professional is trained to apply the most effective Laser wavelength and frequency required for specific medical conditions.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy used for?

Low Level Laser Therapy works at a cellular level, and therefore the potential for the treatment of many health conditions is extensive, including the following services:


Burns – Chronic injury – Diabetes – Digestion – Gynaecological – Infection control – Infertility – Musculoskeletal conditions – Fibromyalgia – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis – Sports Injuries – Soft Tissue Repair – Post-operative healing – Back Pain – Sciatica – Achilles Tendinitis – Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) – Tennis Elbow – Frozen Shoulder – Bone fracture repair – Nerve damage – TMJ – Neuralgia – Obesity – Pain Relief – Pressure sores – Enlarged prostate – Sports injuries – Stroke recovery – Tissue repair – Ulcers – Wound healing – Hypothyroidism – Hashimoto’s – Parkinson’s – Migraines – Allergies.


Acne and Acne Scars – Cold Laser FacialsEye Bags and Rejuvenation – Facial Aesthetics – Hair Loss – Non-Surgical Face Lifts – Pigmentation – Post-Facial Surgery Healing – Throat Rejuvenation – Scar Tissue – Weight Loss and Cellulite.


Addiction – Anorexia – Depression – Eating disorders – Psychological trauma (PTSD) – Stress – Smoking cessation.

How much does Laser Therapy cost?

Treatments at 10 Harley Street are £240 per session. A course of 6 sessions is £1,250.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy safe?

As Low Level Laser is applied you will not feel anything, at the very most, a slight warmth on the surface of the skin. At Laser Medicine we use only Class 3b and LED Class 1C devices, which are Low Powered Lasers and do not fall within the Class 4 Laser category. [Class 4 laser creates a thermal response within the tissue and may burn.]

You will be asked to wear protective eye goggles during your treatment, as Class 3b Laser may damage eyes if directed towards them.

Guidelines prevent us from offering Laser Therapy if you are pregnant.

Does Laser Therapy actually work?

Many of our patients report an improvement in their condition along with increased energy and general health benefits overall. There are many clinical trials reported every year, world-wide, that also indicate the successful application of Low Level Laser Therapy.

How long does a Laser Therapy session last?

Laser Medicine treatments take between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your condition. You lie on a comfortable treatment table covered with a warm blanket. The treatment is relaxing and painless.

What is thermal imaging?

Your therapist may use a thermal imaging device to assess areas of inflammation or congestion. The camera is held at a distance from the body and is completely non-invasive. Thermal images are stored securely and used to monitor your healing process.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy covered by insurance?

Currently in the UK Laser Therapy, to our knowledge, is not recognised by the major health insurance companies.

Please Contact Us if there is anything not covered in our Laser Therapy FAQs and we will be happy to help.

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