Many of our patients experience the benefit of Low Level Laser for scar tissue, after they have had surgery. Cold Laser is able to dissolve scar tissue, which if not processed can create secondary issues over time. Scar tissue beneath the skin’s surface can further impact on the functionality of the body and can obstruct the healing process should the body not able to process and discharge the dead cells effectively.

When any soft tissue is damaged the body produces scar tissue. In addition to the scar tissue we associate with cuts and incisions at the skin’s surface, scar tissue is also produced around damaged muscles, nerves and joints. If the body’s natural healing mechanism does not clear the damaged tissue away (which is often the case), scar tissue leads to congestion, which creates adhesions, stiffness and tightness and pain. Adhesions may restrict the normal function of the nerve to the muscle which can lead to neuropathy and muscle degeneration. Nerve damage to a muscle produces an increase sensitivity to pain – i.e. trigger point tenderness. This is what is often referred to as the Chronic Pain Cycle.

Low level laser therapy is effective in treating the Chronic Pain Cycle because it penetrates deep into soft tissue, promoting rapid healing within the cell mitochondria of nerves, joints and muscles. As scar tissue is dispersed, cells are regenerated. This is often a relatively quick process, with patients often experiencing pain relief and increased mobility after one or two treatments.

In addition Low Level Laser for Scar Tissue is also effective in treating surface scars on the skin from cuts caused by surgery or accidents. Low Level Laser speeds up the process of generating new skin cells, so that visible scars fade away quickly. Scar tissue is taken through the body’s waste system, again aided by applying cold laser through the lymphatic system.

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Low Level Laser Therapy also works at a deeper level within the body to improve the function of key organs linked to the lymphatic system, the adrenal glands, kidneys, spleen, liver and digestive system which process the removal of dead cells. As a result the patient experiences a wellness at a deeper level, rather than improvements on the skin’s surface.

In the long run, Low Level Laser post-surgery healing will continue to improve the body at the surface and deeper at an internal level too.