Cold Laser or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is highly effective for healing many skin conditions, including burns. Patients can benefit from the healing effect of Low Level Laser Therapy for Burns, which is achieved by a process of photobiomodulation, and the sooner LLLT is applied after injury, it is more possible for rapid healing of the affected area to take place.

The reason LLLT is effective for healing burns is because Cold Laser Therapy regenerates new skin cells at a much faster rate than under normal conditions. The process of photobiomodulation within the mitochondria, increases the production of ATP (energy) which promotes new tissue growth. At the same time, Cold Laser releases endorphins into the blood stream, which helps the patient to benefit from natural pain relief. We rely on leading edge clinical research around the world to inform our work in this area. Low Level Laser Therapy for burns, produces 3 major effects that aid healing:
  1. Anti-inflammatory – LLLT produces an anti-oedema effect. It promotes vasodilation and activates the lymphatic drainage system . Therefore, swelling caused by trauma and / or inflammation is reduced. Clinical research here.
  2. Analgesic – LLLT positively affects pain receptors, increases pain tolerance and reduces pain stimuli to the brain. Pain is also reduced because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effect. Clinical research here.
  3. Improved vascular activity – Low Level Laser Therapy for Burns significantly increases the formation of new capillaries, thus accelerating the healing process of damaged tissues, which quickly heals wounds and reduces the damaged area. LLLT also increases angiogenesis which causes vessels to dilate temporarily with the augmentation of the blood vessels diameter. This increased supply of blood in the damaged area facilitates the healing process and reduces pain. (Initially patients may experience a warming sensation in the affected area as a direct result of increased vascular activity, which is a normal response and not an indication of further injury). More information here.
In addition to the healing of burns, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is highly effective in the treatment of many skin wounds, including cuts, scrapes, bruises and post-operative scars. Clinical Research into the effectiveness of healing burns: Please Contact Us to discuss.