Low Level Laser Therapy for Chronic Injury

chronic injury, low level laser therapy

After any injury the body’s natural healing system (the lymphatic system) is called into action to prevent chronic injury. White blood cells are taken from lymph nodes to the point of trauma in order to repair tissue, and to remove any dead red blood cells that have naturally congregated around the affected area. These dead cells pass through the body’s natural cleansing system as waste, allowing the affected area to function normally once again.

In many cases the lymphatic system fails to function at 100% efficiency. Instead, dead cells continue to collect around the injured area, which creates chronic injury – i.e. an area of tissue, or a joint, that becomes stiff or painful over time. The issue is then further impacted by further compensations that we may make with movement and posture, which can cause further issues.

Low Level Laser Therapy is highly effective at clearing away dead cells at the location of a chronic injury, regardless of how long ago the injury may have occurred. This is even true in the case of calcification, where cells have hardened around the point of injury. Once dead cells have been cleared from an injured area, Cold Laser continues to benefit the affected area by increasing the production of ATP (energy) in the mitochondria of the cells by up to 150%. This creates an acceleration in the production of fresh healthy cells for healing. Furthermore, the brain is activated into producing endorphins which are released into the nervous system providing natural pain relief for the patient.

Read more about scar tissue and its effect beneath the skin’s surface when related to chronic injury here.

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