Medical Thermography for Diagnosis

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At Laser Medicine we have used thermography as a proven and widely used method for clinical diagnosis.

For every patient we employ Infrared (IR) cameras to capture and record surface temperature variations from which we then glean metabolic and vascular activity.

Observing an increased surface temperature enables us to detect a variety of inflammatory conditions such joint inflammation (arthritis), muscular sports injuries, infection, digestive issues, infections, and even stress and neuropathic degeneration. Significant temperature decreases point us toward poor circulation, and even cell masses, either benign or otherwise (thermography is now widely used for breast cancer detection).

In addition to using medical thermal imaging (thermography) to assess the best course of treatment for our patients, we also provide a stand alone service for clients who would like a non-invasive method of early detection / indication, without the need for MRI or mammogram. A recent article at EMBE provides further research and information.

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