Whenever I use Low Level Laser therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I experience a patient who is not only in pain, but has anxiety. This I feel, is for three reasons. 1) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may develop from a repetitive strain, often associated with the patient’s work, 2) it’s not always clear exactly what is causing the compression of the median nerve through the wrist/s and 3) it can take a considerable length of time to resolve, often with surgery. I’ve seen cases, incidentally, where surgery has created a negative impact.

Many clinical trials have tested the effectiveness of Low Level Laser in reducing the pain and tingling in the hands and wrists associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The results have been good and support the use of Low Level Laser, which can negate the need for surgery, especially if applied within early stages of the syndrome and in less acute cases.

Low Level Laser Therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome is a good option because it has a regenerative and healing effect through the entire nerve that runs from the neck and shoulder, through the elbow and into the wrist. The treatment is non-invasive and by its very nature, cold laser does not create a thermal response in the tissue. Rather, it reduces inflammation and encourages new tissue to grow. Low Level Laser creates an increased production of ATP, energy created within the mitochondria at a cellular level, therefore promoting a rapid increase in nerve repair.

A Low Level Laser treatment is worth trying before opting for more invasive solutions such as surgery. Low Level Laser does not create a thermal reaction within the tissue, rather it reduces inflammation by freeing up areas of congestion and enabling a healing response. Pain is often reduced, and over time we have seen Carpal Tunnel Syndrome resolve without the need for surgery.

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