The most effective use of Low Level Laser therapy for pain control has been recognised by many of our patients. The American FDA has approved many low level laser devices (also known as Class 3b Laser) to manage and control pain, which are used in many different scenarios. In the clinic we employ Omega Laser Systems Class 3b Laser equipment. At home we recommend our patients use the Handy Cure 5V Hand Held device.

Although few clinical trials take place in the UK to prove the positive results on pain relief, many people enjoy the results of using Low Level Laser Therapy in this country, either at home or in the clinic. It is the exact technology employed in our clinics and others like us, approved in trials elsewhere.

Low Level Laser works at three fundamental levels to control pain:

  • Endorphin release
  • Inflammation reduction
  • White blood cell distribution

As a result pain is controlled at the root of the cause, rather than by masking or numbing it temporarily. Chronic injuries are resolved by improving the body’s natural healing mechanism – ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) the body’s energetic fuel, is increased by up to 150%.

Please refer to our Pain Relief Service for more information on Low Level Laser Therapy for Pain Control.