Complex and baffling, vulvodynia is an emotionally and physically challenge for as many as 1:4 women. Deterred by the traditional pharmaceutical options, many women have found short and long term relief for vulvodynia (chronic vulva pain) through the use of Low Level Laser Therapy for vulvodynia.

In Naomi Wolf’s wonderful research study Vagina: A New Biography Wolf goes to incredible lengths to trace the emotional, physical and cultural connections that women face, all of which impact the way women feel about their most sensitive organ. I truly believe that a holistic approach to resolving vulvodynia is the most effective. What happens for all of us in the seat of our emotions is best treated with a mind, body and spirit approach.

Furthermore the natural healing effect of cold laser is perfect for this type of condition. Low level laser produces no side effects. We put cold laser into the body through the lymphatic system which increases the body’s natural ability to heal and restore damaged nerves. Low Level Laser Therapy for Vulvodynia offers significant pain relief. And because low level laser does not create a thermal effect in cellular tissue, application to the source of discomfort creates no sensation at all.

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