Most men experience an enlarged prostate gland once they reach 45-50. We believe that the enlarged prostate is the result of a build up of dead blood cells in the gland. This creates a swelling in the tissue which leads to an increase in urination and a decrease in production of seminal fluid. Many people experience good results from Low Level Laser Therapy for BPH.

Cold laser treatment is a highly effective and non-evasive way of reducing inflammation and swelling in the prostate gland by clearing dead cells. Many of our patients have stopped taking their prescribed pharmaceutical medication and experienced a significant reduction of symptoms such as frequent urination and a loss in libido.

At Laser Medicine we recommend several natural herbal, plant and mineral remedies to support healing. We use thermal imaging rather than internal examinations to detect inflammation. Our treatment is also non-invasive. Low Level Laser light penetrates up to 5cm into cell tissue from the skin surface.

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