Managing and reducing stress for fertility.

As the leading provider of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Fertility in London, we meet a lot of women and men who want to improve their chances of conception, either through natural conception or assisted reproduction therapy (ART). Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) has proven to be one of the most effective natural fertility treatments available. LLLT improves egg quality in women (and sperm quality in men), particularly in the over 35 age group where egg and sperm quality is usually the over-riding challenge for conception.

We appreciate that conception, like all health issues, is best approached holistically. In the same way that one’s overall health and fitness supports the healing of many specific health conditions, so too does a focus on  improving health, fitness and mental well-being increase the probability of conception. Rather than relying on Laser Therapy alone to improve reproductive health, we encourage all our patients to embrace as many natural fertility methods as possible.

Our next 3 blog posts all focus on natural fertility treatments, therapies and nutrition as a way to boost conception for the over 35s. In this post we discuss what are widely regarded as natural fertility treatments for mental health. We believe that stress is a major influence when it comes to physical health. Here are a few ways that natural fertility treatments can relieve stress and help to achieve optimum mental and emotional health for conception:

Yoga and Meditation

At Laser Medicine we have personally embraced a yoga and meditation practice for the last 20 years, and firmly believe that it contributes significantly to healthy mind and emotional state. We are fairly agnostic when it comes to a particular ‘school’ or ‘method’ of yoga or meditation, as any of the different schools arguably lead to the same goal – inner calm and a state of equilibrium in facing stress, anxiety and the pressures of day-t0-day life. Consistent and daily practice of yoga and meditation, with the help and guidance of a teacher to whom you feel personally inspired and connected, are key. If you’re stuck, start with a reputable yoga school such as Triyoga.

1-2-1 Counselling

Sometimes it’s good to talk, especially about issues that we might not choose to discuss in our every day lives, or with those closest to us, but that are nevertheless impacting at some level on our emotional well-being. Unresolved issues create stress within our system, from both mental and physical perspectives. Talking to a counsellor is often the best way to work things through in a confidential space without judgement or bias. Choose a qualified counsellor that you feel comfortable and ease talking to. It often doesn’t take long to get a few things off your chest and have less to worry about.


Hypnobirthing is already an established therapy during pregnancy to help with smooth births, however hypnotherapy can also help with conception. Hypnotherapy promotes deep relaxation and focussed concentration, both of which can promote good mental well-being and positive frame of mind. Some may argue that we are what we think, and for those who have experienced repeated disappointment, a powerful treatment of hypnotherapy could be the turning point for preparing the mind and body for conception. Many hypnobirthing therapists that I have spoken with in the past, work with their patients during conception as well as pregnancy.

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