Knee pain is the third most common pain reported to health practitioners, behind low back pain and headaches. Osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common type of arthritis, the major cause of pain and disability in the elderly. No matter what your age, if you need pain relief for your¬†knees it’s worth giving them some attention.

In 2012 therapeutic laser was clinically proven as successful in the treatment of chronic knee pain, providing a welcome alternative to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories, and painkillers that offer temporary relief at best. Not only does therapeutic laser relieve pain caused by inflammation, it also regenerates cells within the knee structure itself. Ligaments, tendons and damaged cartilage are regenerated, aiding healing and safeguarding against the future.

I’ve been delighted with the results of our patients at Laser Medicine , a mix of post operative, general wear-and-tear, and even one broken soldier who is on the mend. Attention!

Clinical research.

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