It’s common knowledge that acupuncture really works on those old aches and pains that feel like they’ve been around for ever. Unlike acute pain, which is identifiable and specific, anyone who has suffered from chronic pain knows that it is intangible. Where exactly the pain resides and what is causing it, are often unclear. This kind of pain moves around the body, again for no particular reason. At its worse, chronic pain is felt all over the body. At Laser Medicine we specialise in resolving chronic pain with cold laser.

We’ve been working with chronic pain for over fifteen years, partly through yoga, which is an incredible way to dislodge areas of congestion that are left behind from accidents and injuries of the past. Even a fall during childhood can manifest as chronic pain throughout one’s life. What is common to all chronic pain is the build up of dead cells within the system which impair the body’s natural healing mechanism, and that hang around joints and touch upon the nerves. Because the areas of pain are congested with these dead cells, the brain cannot instruct the autoimmune system effectively, and it becomes unbalanced. Eventually we get depressed and the situation gets us down, which has a further knock on effect and contributes to feeling “stuck with it.”

A treatment works at three levels for chronic pain with cold laser. We balance the immune system to get the white blood cells actively engaged, which then take away the dead cells that are clogging the system. The brain then releases dopamine naturally, rather than with the use of medication. Finally the low intensity laser generates new tissue cells to heal and nourish the area that has been causing the problem. Most patients find that their pain is significantly reduced after one session, and cases such as fibromyalgia are relieved completely after only a few sessions. Even back pain melts away.

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