Laser Therapy for Health
The efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for many health conditions is supported by an increasing number of clinical trials, and is becoming widely regarded as a safe health care option for the reduction of inflammation and pain. We work on the basis that a healthy body has an efficient lymphatic system, so we employ traditional acupuncture principles with Therapeutic Laser to boost and improve the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Laser Therapy significantly increases the production of ATP (energy) at a cellular level within the mitochondria, which is why it has many far-reaching benefits. Treatments are completely painless and non-invasive, with no adverse effects.

LLLT helps regenerate and repair soft tissue and scar tissue, offering a great solution for sports injuries, back pain, post-operative wound healing, and for healing muscle, tendon, cartilage, ligament and nerve damage. Laser Therapy also continues to be applied for a number of health conditions, including hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s, fertility, digestion, hair loss, and even neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke recovery.

Throughout our site we refer to clinical trials carried out in the field, and we are happy to chat with you about any of our treatments before you book your consultation.

We help to heal many conditions including:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic injury
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
Hair Loss
Pain relief
Parkinson’s Disease
Pressure sores
Prostate (Enlarged)
Scar tissue (post-surgical healing)
Skin (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne etc.)
Stroke recovery
Thyroid (under-active / hypothyroidism)
Tissue repair
Weight loss

Laser Therapy for Aesthetics
Therapeutic Laser (Low Level Laser Therapy, LLLT, Cold Laser and LED) offers a completely natural organic treatment for lines, wrinkles, eye bags, throat rejuvenation, non-surgical facelifts and facial ageing. LLLT offers a popular alternative to botox, fillers, chemical / glycolic peels and cosmetic surgery. We also have a lot of success in post-facial surgery healing and scar tissue removal.

Laser Medicine achieves the best aesthetic results by addressing underlying health issues that contribute to the ageing process. In this respect, our treatments go far beyond the purely cosmetic or superficial. By regenerating the functionality of major organs, Laser Therapy reverses the ageing process, reflected at the skin’s surface.

Our Cold Laser Facials a combination of Laser Therapy (LLLT and LED) offer a natural, fresh solution for skin that reflects health, vitality and youthfulness. Many A List celebrities choose the Laser Therapy Facial or Cold Laser Facial as their go-to skin rejuvenation beauty treatment.

We treat post-operation scar-tissue created as a result of cosmetic surgery.

Our treatments include:
Acne and Acne Scars
Cold Laser Facials
Eye Bags and Rejuvenation
Facial Aesthetics
Hair Loss
Non-Surgical Face Lifts
Post-Facial Surgery Healing
Throat Rejuvenation
Scar Removal
Weight Loss and Cellulite

Laser Therapy for Well-Being
Neurological pathways play an important and crucial role in our mental health and overall well-being. If left untreated, emotional and mental conditions may also lead to physical health issues. Laser Therapy has been cleared by the FDA and BMA for the treatment of pain relief, depression, and addiction because its application naturally increases the production of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, with no side effects. This biological response, combined with the way in which Laser Therapy (LLLT) also resolves pain and inflammation, provides a perfect natural health solution with lasting effects.

Our Cold Laser Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Auricular Acupuncture protocols prove consistently effective for patients recovering from substance and process addictions, by easing withdrawal and craving. Decades of research in the field for addiction treatment, combined with our expertise in using Low Level Laser to treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions, place us in a unique position as Therapeutic Laser specialists for addiction recovery in the UK.

Therapeutic laser is effective in the healing and recovery of the following conditions:
Psychological Trauma (PTSD)
Smoking Cessation

Ruth Phypers provides One-to-One Counselling and Coaching with a focus on trauma, addiction and relationship recovery.
Counselling Service

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The fee for a first consultation and treatment is £225. Further treatments are priced individually at £225.
For patients recommended to take a course of treatments, treatments are £200 each (£1,200 for a course of 6 treatments, payable in advance). It is also possible to receive treatment in your own home. Please ask for details.
Laser Medicine Payment Terms

We offer a first stage diagnostics service using thermal imaging (thermography), which proves successful in early detection of cancer and other medical conditions and enable us to advise referral to medical consultants and specialists, as appropriate. Our fee for a diagnostic session is £175. Read More

We offer training and advice to health professionals in Medical 3B Laser Therapy. There are three core modules – 1) Medical Class 3b Laser Therapy Introduction approved by the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA), 2) Medical Class 3b Laser Therapy Facial Aesthetics and Skin, 3) Medical Class 3b Laser Therapy Advanced Protocols. Training courses run in Central London, and West London on a regular basis. More information.

Laser Medicine partners with Medical Quant Ltd via Gudaro-Med Tech (UK based tech support) who make the popular and highly effective Handy Cure 5V Low Level Laser device, which is completely safe for home use, and effective for managing pain and other conditions in between clinic treatments.
Cost to purchase is £399 (plus £10 UK delivery): To order Contact Us.
More information: Handy Cure 5V Laser Device.