Skiing or yoga? Look after your knees…

I’m not a skier, I’m a yogi. You could argue that skiing and yoga are the yin and yang of activities. Yoga in the hot, skiing in the cold. Yoga within the confines of a sticky mat, skiing in the great outdoors down slippery slopes for miles… However, chatting to my friend this week, an avid skier who is off to the snow in March, I discovered that knee injuries are commonplace for skiers. Over ambitious yoga practitioners or those in their early days also know about knee injuries only too well.

Damage to the medial collateral ligament (MCL) is the most common single ski injury. It occurs when the lower leg twists outwards relative to the thigh and the MCL takes the strain. Similarly in yoga there are several postures where your knees are exposed, either if your alignment is out, or if you try to take things a bit too far (warriors and lotus postures alike).

As human beings we often need to learn by our mistakes, so rather than giving ourselves a hard time, it’s best to get the healing underway as soon as possible… I recently tore a ligament in my ankle and have been pleased with the accelerated healing that cold laser has provided. This is because cold laser (low level laser) makes the mitochondria in your cells convert the photonic energy into increased levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the primary source of fuel for our cells. This is in turn leads to rapid physiological changes, and rapid healing of the injury.

It’s still best to take it easy in the first place though!

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