Ruth Phypers is a specialist in the field of trauma and addiction, having researched the subject extensively from both personal and academic perspectives. Her personal journey has involved trauma recovery in London and the United States, including work at the Priory Hospital and Onsite Workshops, Tennessee. Ruth provides one-to-one counselling for trauma and addiction with a focus on intimacy.

In one-to-one counselling for trauma and addiction the client is able to explore their own personal issues around relationships exploring the addictive and traumatic nature of destructive patterns which are holding them from fully engaging in healthy relationships. The patient is able to develop positive action based solutions to release shame and fear, and move into a happier lighter state of being.

Ruth also incorporates Low Level Laser Therapy into the counselling service, which positively impacts upon the client for stress, anxiety and depression. Low Level Laser Therapy is successful in treating substance addiction and also process addictions such as sex addiction, love addiction and anorexia bulimia when fully integrated into a holistic recovery programme.

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