Interesting work published in January this year, outlines clinical research from Russia, using Low Level Laser therapy for effective prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. The full research document can be accessed here.
[Research Article: Low Level Laser Therapy in Prevention of the Development of Endothelial Dysfunction and Clinical Experience of Treatment and Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Patients. Moskvin, Askhadulin, Kochetkov, 2021]

In short summary, the research found:
“Low-level laser therapy is a justified treatment method that promotes lung tissue regeneration and mitigates the consequences of the disease. The obtained results confirm that LLLT can be used for the effective prevention and treatment of COVID-19 patients.”

Severe acute respiratory syndrome and the development of endothelial dysfunction is a major disease that may arise from the Covid-19 viral infection. The pulmonary endothelium is a dynamic, metabolically active layer of endothelial cells, ideally placed to mediate key processes involved in lung homoeostasis. Many experts are convinced that vascular endothelium is the cornerstone of organ dysfunction in severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. In patients who died from COVID-19 respiratory failure, severe endothelial injury was present in all cases. Eliminating inflammation therefore, is the main goal of the therapeutic effect required for the restoration of reduced cerebral blood flow and hypo-metabolism.

The development of pneumonia is one of the pathomorphological mechanisms of COVID-19. Subsequently one of the main rehabilitation goals for patients with pneumonia include restoring respiratory function, relieving and preventing the the development of premature airway closure syndrome, eliminating dissociation between alveolar ventilation and pulmonary perfusion, and to restore bronchial conduction.

The primary mechanism of Low Level Laser or Photobiomodulation Therapy is to promote energy absorption within the mitochondria and to retire the work of almost all systems that regulate and maintain homeostasis within the immune, nervous, circulatory and hormonal systems. At a systemic level for the treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19 symptoms, Low Level Laser Therapy is used to restore respiratory function, including improved regeneration of lung tissue, enhanced muscle support for the respiratory act, the activation of microcirculation and metabolism, and increased local immunity.

The study demonstrated the possibility of Low Level Laser Therapy for eliminating endothelial dysfunction, and can be considered to be a justified treatment method to promote lung tissue regeneration and to mitigate the consequences of the disease. Furthermore the studies also showed a positive effect for the protection and prevention of medical staff involved in the studies. They received Low Level Laser Therapy regularly throughout the trial, and did not contract the COVID-19 virus or disease.

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