I’ve been feeling the pressure for a while. Rushing into my forties with the inevitable lines and wrinkles of a life well-lived starting to show. My facialist made some great improvements, directing my skin care regime and stimulating my skin with the use of a regular peel, but, she explained, if I wanted to go further and smooth out the wrinkles, there was only one option. I resisted, mostly because the thought of injecting a toxin into the epidermis didn’t feel like a good idea. After detoxification, purification, and organic options wherever possible, it seemed like a contradiction. That’s before you get on to the potential long term effects that we don’t know about yet, or the feminist agenda, where it feels that every time you switch on the TV the female presenter has obliterated all expression from her face, while it’s still OK for her male colleagues to run the show with perfectly natural signs of maturity and ageing (and quite right too).

How delighted I was to hear that laser therapy not only improves the body’s natural efficiency, promoting a youthful function overall, but that it can also be used as a natural skin care regime to rejuvenate the eyes and facial muscles, which OK, do grow a bit tired over the years. The results have been pretty damn good, proving that we can enjoy skin rejuvenation that lets us express our wisdom and show how we’re feeling. Cold laser therapy offers the best of both worlds.

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