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Laser Medicine is a leading Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM) Clinic, located on Harley Street in Central London since 2015, Norwich in Norfolk since 2020, and recently on Rodney Street in Liverpool. We regularly share Laser Medicine Case Studies alongside our research and experience with industrial professionals in the field. At Laser Medicine clinics we address a wide range of health conditions using LED, Class 3b and Class 4 Therapeutic Laser as appropriate.

Laser Medicine is a full member of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA), and we attend annual conferences where we often contribute and share our case studies. We will contribute our experience, built over several years in a session focussed on Photobiomodulation Therapy for Reproductive Health at the WALT PBM worldwide conference in London, August 2024.

Please refer to recent Photobiomodulation Clinic, Laser Medicine Case Studies here.

Other useful resources.

One of the most significant Laser Medicine Case Studies published recently in 2023 is a clinical study. We supported the work of Professor Venera Berisha, an endocrinologist based at the University of Pristina. We developed an effective protocol to test the potential efficacy of Therapeutic Laser to improve thyroid function. Please read the clinical study here: Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Photobiomodulation Therapy for Hypothyroid from Hashimoto’s Disease (2023).

We also refer to Case Studies developed around the world in academic and clinical environments that support the use of Photobiomodulation for a wide range of medical conditions. Please read the 2021 Review of Cold Laser Therapy here.

Laser Medicine, London, Harley Street


At Laser Medicine we respect client confidentiality and the right to an individual’s privacy.

We rarely take before and after photographs, and we generally don’t ask patients for public reviews.

Sometimes, patients post reviews voluntarily, which we have published below:
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Laser Medicine London offers top-notch laser treatments in the heart of the city. The staff is highly professional, and the facility is state-of-the-art, ensuring clients receive safe and effective treatments. Ruth Phypers, in particular, stands out for her expertise and dedication. Her personalized approach and attention to detail make every client feel valued and cared for. I highly recommend Laser Medicine London for anyone seeking high-quality laser treatments.I highly recommend dealing with her. She is honest and gives sound advice tailored to your individual situation, always endeavoring to assist you in any way she can. She is an exceptional individual, and I value my time at her clinic as truly memorable.
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for your kind words.
Had an amazing first treatment. Very professional and throughly explained everything. Felt lighter in my lymphatic system a boost of energy. Definitely be back for more treatments. Thank you.
I would definitely recommend the treatment! Dr Ruth is very nice ,she made feel so relaxed and the actual treatment was very relaxing. After the treatment I never touched a cigarette again. Thank you so much 🙏🏻
Response from the owner: So happy to hear this! Thank you 🙏🏽
Amazing experience and did exactly what it said on the tin. Made the first three days of quitting easy and I needed only a few more days of craving before feeling no cravings at all and being done with it. From 25/30 cigs a day for 35 years to nothing and with hardly any effort. Ruth is also lovely, interesting and fun. Couldn't recommend this more!! Arnaud
Response from the owner: So happy for your Arnaud! And thank you so much for your feedback!
Ruth is absolutely amazing! From the very first session I already felt an improvement. Having suffered from costocondritis for 13 years I’m finally pain free after only a few sessions! The inflammation has completely gone I actually feel healed, I no longer suffer with the anxiety and pain. I’m so grateful for her knowledge, expertise and attentiveness. She’s the best, if you have any pain look no further!
Response from the owner: Thank you Mandi.
Response from the owner: Thank you Franco.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Low Level Laser Therapy course with Ruth. I was fortunate to have one-to-one, Harley Street gold-standard training. Her holistic approach and deep knowledge have encouraged me to dive deeper into more studies. Incredibly, Ruth has been been on hand since I finished the course to mentor me with continuous support. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you Jagoda. Wishing you all the best with your Low Level Laser Service. You will be amazing!
Ruth uses her expertise to provide excellent laser treatment for sports injuries. Her treatments accelerate the healing process and promote a return to normal functioning and sport.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jason.
I saw Ruth to help with pain in the ligaments of my knee I'd been experiencing for around a year. Being able to actually see blockages in blood flow to the area was a revelation! And spending time with Ruth over the sessions that I saw her was informative, helpful and actually good fun! She's great company, incredibly knowledgable and very reassuring. I experienced an increased range of motion and decreased levels of pain within a few sessions. Thank you Ruth!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Bob!
Ruth Phypers with her Laser Medicine is in the forefront of health and well-being. Follow her leadership and extensive knowledge in this field to become a healthy, happy human.Take responsibility for your pain-free healthy journey of longevity and acquaint yourself with her portable handy device for home use to keep in tip top form always.Enter a new view of life by reading; Light Medicine of the Future by Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.
Response from the owner: Thank you Monika
Excellent results for my injury. Ruth is professional and efficient - highly recommend her service.
Response from the owner: Thank you Debra.
I was skeptical as many would be. Having gradually developed a dull ache to a dull pain in both knees over several years after running I started to become convinced that I would need invasive surgery or would have to stop running altogether.Ruth explained the treatment, a simple logic of using the bodies own fixers to treat the problem by helping the nervous system to send the right fixers to the right place at the right time with low powered laser stimulus.It worked. Within 48 hours my knees felt like they did 25 years ago. With thermal imaging before and after confirming the painful areas and then that my own body had efficiently dealt with the issue, I even managed to convince myself that this was no placebo cure!Genuinely grateful to Ruth and up and running again. Quite incredible. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your great feedback!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
I have been treated by Ruth - on numerous occasions - for for two completely separate issues. I believe laser therapy really helped to resolve both issues and I would thoroughly recommend this practice & practitioner without hesitation.
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for your feedback.
Response from the owner: thank you!
Very effective
Response from the owner: many thanks!
Huge help great service
Response from the owner: Many thanks..
Ruth has come to my rescue on a few occasions when other treatments have failed to ease my discomfort. Laser medicine has transformed my mobility which has been fragile for many years... ©GibsonBlanc
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback.
For many years I have suffered with osteoarthritis pain in my knee which was made worse by a knee replacement that went wrong. A series of treatments with Ruth at Laser Medicine really eased my pain and aided in my increased movement and flexibility. Ruth was thorough, professional and very knowledgeable. She talked me through each stage of my treatment and managed my expectations with regards to my recovery. I would happily recommend Laser medicine with Ruth Phyper.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much.
I had experienced laser treatment many years ago with Professor Farmer who was a pioneer of cold laser therapy. I had been suffering with very painful tennis elbow for several months and after one session with the Professor the pain stopped and I've been pain free ever since. A few months ago I found that my legs had suddenly become very weak and I could walk no further than a few yards before having to stop. I went to see a Neurosurgeon and after various scans and tests he told me that the MRI scan showed lateral recess stenosis at the L3-4 level of my spine and a large disc prolapse bulging on the left side affecting the L4 nerve root - the one that controls the nerves and arteries in the legs - and that spine surgery would be the only viable option. It was at this point that I thought of going to see Professor Farmer again but a friend of mine told me that unfortunately he was no longer with us. This friend suggested that I go to see Ruth so I made an appointment to see her. By this time my walking ability had worsened to the point where I could barely walk at all; I was limping, not walking. Anyway, on the day of my appointment, I limped into Ruth’s consulting room and explained my condition to her. She was very professional and knowledgeable and grasped my situation immediately. She treated me for about 30 minutes and when I got off of the bed both of my legs felt much stronger and the limp had disappeared. So basically I limped into her consulting room but walked out. This all happened about six months ago and, as I no longer find it a problem walking a fair distance, I’ve cancelled the proposed spine surgery.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback.
What a pleasurable experience and effective treatment, Ruth is a joy to be with and I feel amazing. Highly recommendable
Response from the owner: A pleasure. Thank you!
I had my 1st cold laser treatment with Ruth Phypers .I had a stress fracture on my foot which was swelling regularly , hot and uncomfortable .This treatment reduced the swelling of my foot which was a surprise to me as I was flying the same day.I would definitley return to this type a treatment again if needed .Ruth herself was lovely and very professional .Her calming influence along with the environment was very relaxing .This experience has opened up a different avenue of healing that I will see as an option in the future.Many thanksX
Response from the owner: A pleasure. Many thanks for your review!
Ruth is intuitive, knowledgable and professional... a couple of treatments with her made a huge difference to my carpal tunnel and left me more ‘relaxed’ and pain free. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
I find my visits with Ruth to be genuinely restorative and healing. Whilst i am treating my lumbar the laser treatment takes a welcome level of stress and anxiety out of my day. After the session I simply feel much better and I find Ruth to be super professional and super friendly.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind feedback.
For the past 2 years, the inflammation with my achilles tendonitis got so bad, that I was regularly falling over due to my unsteady walk. I was referred to a podiatrist by my doctor and then I went to a private one, with no positive results. I had 5 sessions with Ruth, on recommendation from friends, and after each session I was aware of a slight improvement. After session 5, I went on holiday and I have not had to see Ruth since then or the past 2 months, as the inflammation and soreness has greatly improved. I still take care to protect my feet, but I can walk much more and without pain. I plan to go back to Ruth soon for 'feet maintenance' and to have treatment on my painful thumbs/wrists and other areas. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you Maria!
Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Many thanks!
I have suffered with migraine for over 25 years and I believe that my treatment at Laser Medicine has really helped lessen the impact of these on my daily life. After my first treatment with Ruth, I felt immediately stronger and more energetic. After the second treatment, I could really feel my energy returning. I look forward to the new year with a confidence that I did not think possible. Thank you Ruth!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your feedback.
great results from Ruth’s treatment. Decreased pain and inflammation and greater wellbeing. excellent service
Response from the owner: Many thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.
Ruth is an outstanding professional and highly knowledgeable in her field - thoroughly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you Geoff
I have benefitted from the Cold Laser Therapy for easing and soothing tension in my abdominal area following previous surgery. I find it is effective in relieving pain in this area which is an area I tend hold stress and after the treatment the pain goes and I feel a sense of well being afterwards.It has also been effective on treating a shoulder / rotator cuff issue that I had and has now gone after the treatment.Ruth is a personable and professional therapists and I enjoy the treatment and the lasting effects.It has been an effective treatment for me.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review, we appreciate the feedback.
I have injured the meniscus of my knee & thought it had gotten better & then damaged the lateral ligament. It’s been an ongoing problem locking & feeling unstable quite often in the past 2yrs. 6months ago I found Ruth & her laser medicine, which enabled the scar tissue to heal & the inflammation to be removed. It increased my range of movement no end & confidence to do more strengthening exercises without it just buckling. It was micraculous. I wholeheartedly recommend this treatment for injuries & know it has a much wider scope to help other conditions.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review, we appreciate the feedback.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review, we appreciate the feedback.
Treatment is amazing. Made a huge difference with the nerve damage from a tumour. I'm getting better and managing the daily pain is reducing. Highly recommend laser treatment.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review, we appreciate the feedback.
Since being treated by this Lady over the last six months I feel my health glowing inside and out and thrilled with the compliments on how well I am digestion has rapidly improved..also chronic pain in my shoulder has now gone....she is also now treating pigmentation on my face where there has been a massive improvement ...I will continue treatments as maintenance with Ruth even after these problems have gone...I feel every visit I have my whole immune system is boosted...this year no colds and viruses....which is very important for me as I also have COPD so I don't even have to say how she has helped my breathing with the treatments on my lungs...I highly recommend these cold laser therapy treatments with Ruth Phyphers...
Response from the owner: It is s pleasure.