Low Level Laser Therapy for Verruca and Warts

low level laser to treat warts and verruca, low level laser therapy for warts and verruca

Low Level Laser can be effective in the healing of many skin conditions, including verruca and cutaneous warts. Low Level Laser Therapy for verruca and warts is not only effective, it is pain-free and non-invasive.

Cold laser therapy regenerates new skin cells at a much faster rate than usual. Fresh cells are encouraged below the verruca or wart, resulting in a gentle freeing of the condition which simply ‘goes away’. The healing process leads to a normalisation of the infected cells.

Many podiatrists use low level laser for treating their patients and clinical trials in the UK are conclusive. Please refer to the following research articles on low Level Laser Therapy for podiatry: Turner and British Medical Journal.

Low Level Laser Therapy is highly effective in the treatment of many skin conditions including cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and rashes.

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