Many of our patients experience the benefit of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for post-facial surgery healing. On the most part, this involves using Low Level Laser to dissolve scar tissue, which can manifest in inflammation, swelling and congestion in the surrounding tissue. Not only are post-facial surgery scars unsightly and sometimes sore, the scar tissue beneath the skin’s surface can impact on the functionality of the ears, nose and throat. Cold Laser Therapy increases the production of ATP which speeds up healing times and reduces inflammation and scar tissue build up quickly.

We have treated patients who have experienced a build up of scar tissue in the time following their surgery, leading to blockages in their throat, impeding how they swallow food. Similarly nose surgery patients can experience nasal and sinus issues that did not exist prior to the operation. Again this is a symptom of residual scar tissue, which we dissolve with Low Level Laser, bringing an end to any uncomfortable symptoms.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) also works at a deeper level within the body to improve the function of key organs linked to the lymphatic system, the adrenal glands, kidneys, spleen, liver and digestive system which process the removal of dead cells. As a result the patient experiences long term wellness and an improvement in their health overall, rather than just at the skin’s surface.

In the long run, Low Level Laser Therapy for post-facial surgery healing continues to improve skin aesthetics – enhancing the effects of the original surgery and maintaining youthful, healthy skin. We not only resolve signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging facial skin, we improve the youthfulness of the skin itself.

Clinical research: Post surgical healing.

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