Laser Therapy for Aesthetics

Low Level Laser Therapy for Facial Aesthetics

At Laser Medicine we embrace healing, and we help to cultivate natural healthy skin as a reflection of a person’s overall health. We optimise skin health using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to harness the biological process of photobiomodulation, created by Class 3b Laser (far more focussed than very low powered LED / Red Light Therapy).

Now, from almost a decade of working solely with Laser Therapy for Aesthetics, we have visible proof of the effectiveness of LLLT (photobiomodulation), to establish a youthful, healthy complexion, reduce wrinkles and sustain skin elasticity. The results of healing skin in this way, really are incredible. 

laser therapy for aesthetics

A healing approach to skin aesthetics. 

We also know that the best aesthetic results are achieved by addressing underlying health issues, which can contribute to the skin’s ageing process and we experts in our field. In this respect, our treatments go far beyond the purely cosmetic or superficial. By supporting the functionality of the immune system and the major organs  (including the skin itself), Laser Therapy for Aesthetics can reverse and slow down the ageing process throughout the entire system, not just within the skin. We really do optimise healthy ageing, from the inside out.

Cold Laser Facials.

Our Cold Laser Facials which include a combination of Laser Therapy (Class 3b Laser) and LED (Red Light), offer a natural, fresh solution for skin, which reflects health, vitality and youthfulness. Many A List celebrities choose the Laser Therapy Facial or Cold Laser Facial as their go-to skin rejuvenation beauty treatment. There’s no down-time with LLLT, in fact a Cold Laser Facial is perfect on the day of a big event or photo-shoot, because it immediately improves the complexion, and then continues for some time afterwards, as skin cells naturally regenerate as a result of the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Scar tissue healing.

LLLT actively heals wounds and resolves scarring. We treat post-operative scar tissue resulting from cosmetic surgery, and we can resolve secondary issues, such as sinus problems, and nerve damage, that often occur post-facial surgery or breast enhancement surgery. Instead of creating scar tissue to rejuvenate skin (as many other aesthetics treatments), Low Level Laser Therapy for Aesthetics generates the natural production of collagen via the process of photobiomodulation, which activates cellular growth and determines the amount of oxygen converted into energy at a cellular level. You can find clinical evidence on the reduction of scar tissue here.

Non-surgical remodelling and contouring for the face and body.

All of that said, we appreciate that sometimes more radical measures are required to restore the skin’s elasticity, and to resolve the visible signs of ageing that none of us can avoid (not even the most fit and healthy). Life just happens, and if one is fortunate to make it to middle-age and through to old age, one will, no doubt, experience degeneration in its many forms. That’s why we constantly look to new technologies that complement our healing approach to skin aesthetics, and that we can use in conjunction with Low Level Laser Therapy for Aesthetics.

Please watch this space for an exciting new addition to the Laser Medicine portfolio of services, which will offer a perfect solution for fat removal, non-surgical facelifts and skin lifting for the face and body.

Diagnosis & Thermography

We offer a first stage diagnostics service using thermal imaging (thermography), which proves successful in early detection of inflammation and other medical conditions. Thermographic imaging helps us to advise on referrals to medical consultants and specialists, as appropriate. 

Our fee for a diagnostic session is £175.

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First Consultation & treatmentS

The fee for a first consultation and treatment at the Laser Medicine Harley Street clinic is £240.

For patients who are recommended to take a course of treatments: 

£640 for a course of 3 treatments or £1,250 for a course of 6 treatments (payable in advance).

It is also possible to receive sessions at your home or hotel. Please ask for details.

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