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Ruth Phypers, MA.

Ruth Phypers builds on her experience in leading-edge technology since 1992, combining extensive health and recovery knowledge with Low Level Laser (cold laser) technology to offer a holistic natural health service (photobiomodulation) for Laser Medicine London. Based out of 10 Harley Street, London, Ruth is expert in therapeutic laser protocols developed over 40 years of extensive research, which also incorporate traditional acupuncture principles and nutrition. She is able to treat a range of conditions with Low Level Laser including pain relief, youthful ageing and chronic injury, providing a non-invasive therapy that promotes tissue repair, cell regeneration and improved immunity.

Ruth is a post graduate student of SOAS (University of London) where she achieved a Distinction in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. Her research focused on the relationship between meditative practice, physical and mental health. Ruth traced the origins of meditative practice to early yoga and Buddhist traditions and linked the way in which gender was affected by spiritual practice and the social norms of the day. Her thesis is that norms prevalent in modern day society can be traced back to these early traditions and have an impact on emotional, mental and physical health issues.

Ruth’s personal regime involves a daily yoga and meditation practice. She is a third series astanga yoga practitioner and a Buddhist since 2001. She also takes regular Ayurvedic treatments in India. Her published book, Dragon King’s Daughter: Adventures of a Sex and Love Addict, combines Buddhist philosophy and practice with a solution for recovery from addiction and trauma. Ruth speaks openly about her recovery in these areas and is a positive role model.

Ruth holds a Diploma as a Practitioner of Therapeutic Laser (2015) (UKITL)
Ruth is an accredited Training Consultant in Therapeutic Laser (2018) (UKITL)

Member of the Complementary Medical Association
Member of the British Medical Laser Association

laser medicine, low level laser therapy, photobiomodulation therapy