An increasing number of clinical studies show the positive effect of Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM) / Therapeutic Laser to manage symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, provide neuroprotection and potentially slow the progression of the disease. At Laser Medicine we have developed Low Level Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s disease protocols, based on published clinical research. A small number of clinical trials show that PBM may improve motor and non-motor clinical signs. And in our clinic many people with Parkinson’s have told us about the benefits they’ve experienced from receiving Therapeutic Laser treatments over a period of time.

Parkinson’s disease is characterised by mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal death, a reduction in dopamine, and neuro-inflammation. Also significant in Parkinson’s disease is the gut-microbiome, which is also involved in the spread of inflammation. Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM), which uses light wavelengths between 600-1,000nm (Infrared IR and Near Infrared NIR), is a form of light therapy which has shown to have multiple clinical benefits. It is possible that a course of Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s treatments can:

  • Increase mitochondrial membrane potential.
  • Increase ATP (Mitochondrial energy) production.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Improve gut microbiome.

Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s Treatment Courses

Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s treatments last around 30-40 minutes at a time, and are completely painless. In fact they create a very pleasant sensation and our patients often report a feeling of wellbeing during the session. Light wavelengths gently penetrate the skull and the Central Nervous System to directly aid the healing of damaged neurological tissue.

We apply Low Level Laser through the lymphatic system, the abdomen and the central nervous system, including the head, over a course of treatments. Patients have reported significant improvements in their cognitive function, balance, gait and difficulties of speech. We support the PBM for Parkinson’s treatments with recommendations for diet, in particular the daily consumption of green salad, which contains enzymes supportive for neurological health, and nutrition focused on the support gut health and healthy microbiome.

We recommend 1-2 treatments per month for a period of 6 months, depending on the individual.

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Clinical Studies in PBM for Parkinson’s.

Please refer to the following research articles for more information on Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s.

The Lancet, November 2023
Parkinson’s Disease and Photobiomodulation, January 2024

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