Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

Most men will experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland once into their forties. We believe that this condition is caused by a build up of dead cells in the gland which accumulate and fail to clear away as the patient gets older. Many of our patients report good results from using Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate.

We have found cold laser to be extremely effective in gently clearing the dead cells away, which we administer with non-invasive protocols. At the same time we also balance the lymphatic system which increases the effectiveness of the body’s natural clearing system.

Results therefore improve general health, decrease the enlargement in the prostate gland which results in a much lesser need to pass water. Our patients have been able to stop taking traditional pharmaceutical medicines, return to normal urination and experience a renewed vigour and performance overall.

We have developed protocols for a less invasive Low Level Laser therapeutic procedure than that described in the BBC article below (which supports the use of low level laser for enlarged prostate). We would like to clarify that Low Level Laser therapy is free of all sensation for the patient – i.e. you do not feel anything as the treatment is been administered. Cold laser therapy is the most gentle and effective treatment that we know of for reducing an enlarged prostate gland.

Click here to view a recent BBC article.

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