Professor Associate Dr. Venera Berisha-Muharremi

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Venera Berisha-Muharremi, is a specialist of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, and founder of the Private Endomedica Polyclinic based in Prishtina from 2014. She works closely with Laser Medicine as our Medical Advisor and provides clinical mentorship to Ruth Phypers MA., Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi is currently the resident Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo and was formally the Head of the University Endocrinology Clinic in University Clinical Center of Kosovo, 2018-2021.

Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi finished her doctorate studies in University of Zagreb, Croatia where she completed part of her sub-specialisation in Endocrinology, to continue the other part of sub-specialisation in Endocrinology at the University Clinical Center of Skopje, North Macedonia. Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi has also studied at many other world-renowned University Centres for professional and academic training and advancement, including Oxford University, UK for Teaching Evidence Based Medicine, the University of Perugia in Italy for Diabetology, Harvard University for the Management of Obesity, and the MASHAV Carmel Training Center in Israel for Health Services Management.

In 2021 Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi partnered with Laser Medicine, and became a member of the British Laser Medical Association (BMLA) to study and develop protocols in Photobiomodulation Therapy for the improvement of thyroid function in the case of hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s disease. Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi now brings the innovation in Photobiomodulation Therapy to Kosovo for the first time, having combined British knowledge and International research to develop an effective protocol for the medical treatment of the thyroid gland with laser.

Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi has worked at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Kosovo since 2004, first as an assistant in the Department of Anatomy and then in the Department of Internal Medicine, where she continues to work from 2017 as a professor.

Venera Berisha-Muharremi

Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi is Medical Advisor to Laser Medicine and provides ongoing clinical expertise and guidance.

Prof. Venera Berisha-Muharremi led the 2023 clinical study in PBMT for Hypothyroidism from Hashimoto’s disease.

Clinical Study 2023: The Efficacy of Photobiomodulation Therapy to restore thyroid function.

The clinical study developed by Clinical Endocrinologist Prof. Venera Berisha- Muharremi, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon Prof. Reem Hanna and Therapeutic Laser Consultant, Ruth Phypers MA, was recently published in the Journal of Personalised Medicine (August 2023). 

Member of the
British Medical
Laser Association

The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA).

The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) is the foremost society for medical lasers in the UK, representing dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nurses, technologists, scientists, beauty therapists, manufacturers and safety advisers. It represents anyone with an interest in the application of lasers or energy-based devices in medicine and aesthetics. Among its core activities, the BMLA informs national policy, ensures continual improvement of safety and educational standards in the field of medical and aesthetic lasers, and promotes collaboration between clinical, aesthetic, scientific and manufacturing disciplines.

The Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

The Complementary Medical Association’s (The CMA) primary aim is to promote ethical, responsible, professional complementary medicine to the public and the medical profession. The CMA realises that complementary and integrative medicine is – when delivered safely and ethically – a viable and highly desirable form of healthcare. In addition, The CMA is totally dedicated to representing “the professional face of complementary medicine” and promotes research, education and knowledge in the field. The CMA is for professional practitioners, ethical colleges and patients who demand and expect excellence in every aspect of treatment.