Laser Medicine London, is a Harley Street Fertility Clinic specialising in the application of what has become widely known as Red Light Therapy for Fertility and Conception. We support people over 35 years of age on their fertility journey, and help to elevate reproductive health, particularly in respect to ovarian rejuvenation and to improve egg and sperm quality. We work with advanced clinical low level laser equipment (not LED): Class 3b and Class 4 Therapeutic Laser (Low Level Laser Therapy / Red Light Therapy) to carry out a process of Photobiomodulation (PBM).

Therapeutic Laser is widely referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Red Light Therapy (RLT) and Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT). ‘Red Light Therapy’ refers to the Infrared and Near Infrared Wavelengths in the 600-1,000 nm range, which gives ‘Red Light Therapy’ its name. However, it is the power and energy density applied to these healing wavelengths that is essentially important.

As the most experienced and dedicated Therapeutic Laser clinic in the UK, we are happy to share our wealth of experience. This article aims to help guide people through the practical considerations of receiving light therapy for fertility and conception when they are trying to conceive naturally, and/or in conjunction with a course of IVF assisted reproductive therapy treatments.

We hope to answer many of the questions you may have before embarking on a course of PBM light therapy for fertility, and to guide you towards information and resources that we have developed during our work in the fertility field, and with our respected partners. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions, or wish to book a consultation and therapeutic laser treatment.

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How to achieve the best results from Red Light Therapy for Fertility.

We observe that when people commit to a fully integrated fertility protocol they achieve the best results. Essentially this translates as a powerful combination of nutrition, supplements such as Omega 3, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and good mental health, supported with yoga and meditation, in addition to key ancillary treatments.

Red Light Therapy is considered to be one of several effective ancillary treatments for IVF, such as ovarian PRP and acupuncture for ovarian rejuvenation. We follow and support the work of our associates at Serum IVF in Greece, which they feel delivers good outcomes when carried out in conjunction with Red Light Therapy for Fertility. There is now a growing number of fertility clinics in London, who also offer ovarian PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) for ovarian rejuvenation.

Important things to consider to support optimum reproductive health during IVF and natural conception:

Stress reduction to improve fertility.

It has proven that high levels of cortisol produced from stress can negatively impact on fertility and conception. We encourage everyone to do everything they can to reduce stress as much as possible. Light Therapy for Fertility helps with this a lot, due to the natural production of endorphins as one of the many biological responses of photobiomodulation. Read more on Natural Fertility Treatments.

Nutrition and supplements to support fertility.

One of the major areas to take on board when trying to conceive is choosing the right food and dietary supplements to nourish the body effectively for conception. We align with nutritionists who are expert in nutrition fertility protocols, and often recommend that people engage with an expert who can identify where a person may have certain deficiencies in their diet, and the best diet for them.

The importance of Omega 3 oils has gained significant recognition, with clinical evidence to support the importance of maintaining appropriate levels in the body to support cellular function. You can carry out a blood test to establish where your balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 may benefit from a high grade Omega 3 oil, and increase the amount of oily fish such as salmon, to your diet to help to conceive. Read more on Natural Health for Fertility

Complementary therapies to support fertility.

There are a number of complementary therapies considered effective in supporting people through the IVF process, and helping to achieve better outcomes. These therapies include acupuncture, reflexology and osteopathy. Read more on Natural Fertility Therapies.

Why does Red Light Therapy aid fertility?

The optimum age to promote fertilisation via Therapeutic Laser / Red Light Therapy, is for women who fall within the mature age group of 35-50, because reproductive cells are more likely to lack cellular energy from the ageing process. Red Light Therapy dynamically rejuvenates tissue and organs, including the ovaries (gonads) and uterus, at a cellular level, raising the levels of ATP (cellular fuel) and increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the reproductive area. We work with each person individually, for ovarian rejuvenation, to improve egg and sperm quality for IVF and conception, and to optimise overall health.

Our protocols are based on recognised clinical studies carried out in Therapeutic Laser for Fertility.

Everything we do at Laser Medicine is based on effective and proven clinical studies, and we base our protocols on the findings of experts in the field and statistical evidence. We recognise that all significant results achieved from laser therapy for fertility have only used coherent laser light, and not LED. There is a significant difference in the power density of laser vs LED, and the way in which light is received by cellular tissue.

We follow recognised fertility LLLT / light therapy protocols, in conjunction with many other PBMT protocols that we have developed for optimum health and recovery, to maximise the overall health and efficiency of the individual patient, and promote the production of a healthy embryo. The mechanisms and protocols we deliver are designed to help rejuvenate eggs and sperm motility, maximise egg quality potential, prepare the body for fertilisation, and the development of a healthy embryo and a full-term pregnancy.

Read more about the best light for fertility to improve egg and sperm quality, and read more about the technical specifications of our therapeutic laser equipment and protocols used during the mentioned clinical studies.

Laser Therapy, also known as Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy proves successful in various clinics worldwide to address the issues of improving egg quality for IVF, slow down the ageing process and significantly improve fertility in women (and men). Success rates in Denmark and Norway proved as high as 65% for patients who failed to fall pregnant many times before using various methods of trying to conceive (TTC). Previous laboratory studies proving the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy for Fertility were carried out in Japan between 1996 and 2012. Again a clinical Class 3b laser with a continuous wave of light was used, in these trials, with a power output higher than could possibly be emitted by a home use red light LED device.

At Laser Medicine we work within industry guidelines and best practice, and would not apply light during pregnancy. It is also very important to not apply light to the thyroid gland in the case of an overactive thyroid or Grave’s Disease. And although we recommend the Handycure Laser for home use, which people can use to improve their general health and to treat areas of pain and inflammation, we would never suggest there is evidence that it would penetrate the reproductive system to improve egg quality.

When is the best time to receive Red Light Therapy for Fertility?

If you are reading this article, the chances are you are already some way along your fertility journey. If this is the case, you already know that fertility and conception is not an exact science. If it were anyone undergoing an IVF cycle, for example, would achieve a positive outcome immediately. There are an incredible amount of factors involved in conception, and there are no guarantees.

What we do know is that maintaining optimum health, is a key factor, and our patients frequently share that they want to feel they are doing everything they possibly can to achieve a positive outcome and enjoy a healthy full-term pregnancy. Because we see such a positive impact of therapeutic laser on so many health conditions, we encourage people to begin receiving red light therapy straight away, because a) the impact is long lasting, and b) there is a natural rejuvenation process that occurs over time. As one egg can take 3-4 months to mature, there is every reason to begin the application of red light to the follicles not only for a positive impact on those due for immediate extraction, but also for for future IVF cycles. We suggest that women take a course of treatments leading up to egg extraction, as early as 3 months before the planned extraction cycle.

For people trying to conceive naturally, we advise the application of therapeutic laser in the lead up to ovulation. If conception takes place then no more light therapy should be given. If conception does not happen then red light therapy can be received from day 1 of the next cycle.

There have been less clinical trials carried out on red light therapy for fertility and conception in men, however we feel that a few treatments in the lead up to sperm donation or natural conception are also beneficial. Therapeutic Laser is applied over the testes for a matter of a few minutes. We use non-thermal laser, so the process is sensation and pain-free.

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