Laser Medicine offers a comprehensive Fertility Rejuvenation Programme in Harley Street, London, which employs a number of clinically proven protocols which involve the application of Low Level Laser (Red Light Therapy for Fertility), Ozone Therapy and Physical Therapy for Fertility, with the additional option of Ovarian and Uterine PRP Therapy where appropriate.

The Fertility Rejuvenation Programme is suitable for both women and men over the age of 35 who have failed to conceive naturally or by IVF due to unexplained reasons, or low gonad function (low ovarian reserve or sperm quality).

Our protocols are developed specifically to improve egg and sperm quality, and slow down the ageing process, through enhanced mitochondrial activity and ATP production, increased blood flow and the reduction of oxidative damage. An average cell contains around 2,000 mitochondria, whereas the oocyte (the human egg cell) has 100,000 mitochondria. Application of Low Level Laser (Red Light) increases the production of cellular energy (ATP) within the mitochondria, which in turn improves the cell’s ability to proliferate, migrate and adhere, which is exactly what a fertilised egg needs to do.

What does the Fertility Rejuvenation Programme involve?

Building on the protocols developed from our Low Level Laser Therapy for Fertility programme, we have incorporated a combination of Low Level Laser (Red Light Therapy) and Ozone Infusions, with additional Physical Therapy exercises based on the Mojzisova method for men and women, and Ovarian PRP for women (over 45), into a comprehensive Fertility Rejuvenation Programme.

We tailor each Fertility Rejuvenation Programme for the individual and / or couple involved, however in general, the programme includes the following course of treatments:

  • 10 Red Light Therapy sessions (received at suitable times around menstrual and IVF egg cycles).
  • 3 x 5 Pass Ozone Infusions.
  • Instruction in the Mojzisova physiotherapy sequence of Physical Therapy exercises.
  • 3 month course of Premium Grade Omega 3 Oil.
  • 3 Hypno-Fertility Sessions
  • Optional Ovarian PRP Rejuvenation.

We also advise on a healthy and high protein diet, sleep, exercise and rest, to support mental and emotional health throughout the fertility journey. All these factors combined help reach peak fertility potential.

How does Low Level Laser and Ozone Therapy work?

We apply clinical grade Therapeutic Laser in the light range of 600-1,000nm (Infrared and Near Infrared /Red Light) to the reproductive organs, and work through the lymphatic autoimmune and the central nervous systems to optimise light entering tissue and blood in the most effective way. We combine the optimum LLLT protocols for fertility with other protocols to maximise overall health and the body’s efficiency . These mechanisms and protocols are designed to help rejuvenate eggs and sperm mobility, maximise egg quality potential and prepare the body for fertilisation and pregnancy.

Laboratory studies have repeatedly shown the effectiveness of Red Light for Fertility Rejuvenation due to the following factors, which are beneficial to the reproductive environment:

  • Increased oxygenated blood flow.
  • Reduced inflammation and oxidative damage.
  • Softening of scar tissue and its release through the body’s waste system.
  • Relief of pain.
  • Relaxed muscle tension.
  • Promotion of tissue repair.

Ozone Therapy has been long used for systemic detoxification and injury repair. Recent research has found that Ozone Therapy is emerging as a new adjunct therapy to improve fertility. This alternative therapy treatment promotes healthy reproductive systems for men and women. Used for fertility and general wellness, Ozone Therapy assists the body in utilising oxygen. Ozone (O3) is oxygen (O2) plus an additional atom. Absorbed through the skin, it supports ovarian rejuvenation by awakening follicles within the ovaries stimulating hormonal balance, and removing free radicals and bacteria that could otherwise inhibit conception.

Who can receive treatment

The optimum age for promoting fertilisation using the protocols within our Fertility Rejuvenation Programme is for men and women in the mature age group of 35-50, because reproductive cells are more likely to lack cellular energy from the ageing process. Fertility Rejuvenation is recommended to improve the following conditions:

  • Low ovarian reserve.
  • Poor egg quality.
  • Multiple implantation failures.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Painful periods (dysmenorrhoea).
  • Low sperm count.
  • Low sperm motility.
  • Unexplained infertility.

Fertility Rejuvenation Treatment Schedule

The Fertility Rejuvenation Programme is recommended during the lead up to fertilisation, regardless of whether fertilisation is via natural or IVF methods. This prepares the body and reproductive organs, creating optimum conditions for conception to take place. The overall general health and age of a patient determines the frequency of treatment, which is normally around 2-3 treatments every 6 weeks.

During a period of trying to conceive (either via natural or IVF), we base our protocols around a schedule of 6 LLLT treatments over a period of 2 weeks from Day 1 to Day 14 of the cycle, and if conception does not take place, to repeat the following month. Men are likely to see an improvement in sperm count after 3 treatments.

Ozone Therapy Infusions are given at twice weekly intervals.


The Fertility Rejuvenation Programme fees start at £2,000.

For more information please refer to our Fees.

Clinical Evidence

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