At Laser Medicine we have many years of experience in the application of Therapeutic Laser for Pressure Sores. Pressure sores, also referred to as bedsores, pressure ulcers or skin breakdown, are the result of damage to an area of skin or underlying tissue from a loss of blood flow. Pressure sores can be of particular concern for people with spinal cord injuries and paraplegics, when pressure sores can go unnoticed due to a lack of sensation in key areas of the body.

Pressure sores after spinal cord injuries

After a spinal cord injury the nerves in the skin, which once felt temperature and pain, often no longer work. This is when therapeutic laser for pressure sores can be essential.

The main cause of pressure sores would be excessive pressure on the skin without periods of relief. Blood flow is restricted to the areas experiencing pressure, resulting in tissue damage. Another cause is when the skin becomes sheared, when the skin and the bone go separate ways, from slouching, during transfers when sliding instead of lifting, and extended sitting at an angle in bed. Paralysis causes muscles to atrophy, losing much of their mass. Muscles are ideal padding for the more bony areas, such as the bottom, and so without them providing that cushioning, there is much more pressure on the skin.

How therapeutic laser helps to heal

We often find that Therapeutic Laser for pressure sores increasing the healing of wounds and sores because of a number of processes triggered by the process of photobiomodulation.

  1. Angiogenesis: therapeutic laser for pressure sores creates fresh capillaries, increasing the blood flow to vital areas.
  2. Increased production of ATP: photobiomodulation therapy generates an increase in cellular energy within the mitochondria, which accelerates healing of damage tissue.
  3. Anti-inflammatory effects: therapeutic laser for pressure sores also reduces inflammation at the site of an injury and reduces the risk of infection.

Course of treatment for pressure sores

We find that people require very few therapeutic laser for pressure sores treatments to help heal the wound and continue with normal life. One session is often enough to trigger an effective healing response. In the case of broken skin or deeper sores, 1-3 treatments will usually suffice.

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