B-Cure Laser

A few weeks ago the lovely team at B-Cure Laser, asked if Laser Medicine would recommend and endorse their device. Since then we’ve been testing the B-Cure as a route to help manage pain, and we are happy with the results. If Laser Medicine patients ask if I would recommend a home use system, either to maintain the results we have achieved with Low Level Laser Therapy (Red Light Therapy) in our clinic, or even to use in between treatments at Laser Medicine we think the B-Cure Laser is a great solution.

B-Cure have carried out several clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of treating various conditions with Low Level Laser (Photobiomodulation Therapy), all of which concur with the overwhelming and increasing body of evidence world wide in the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for a wide range of medical conditions.

I have said for may years that every home should carry their own Low Level Laser device, which can be used for resolving headaches within minutes, speeding up the healing of injuries and treating long term chronic pain often associated with arthritis. The B-Cure is an affordable solution, which is also effective. It has enough power to deliver efficient healing at a low enough dose of time to make it a viable option in our busy lives.

Please refer to our Services for more information on LLLT and the clinical services that we provide.

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