I was delighted to meet Sara Darling from Stylenest.co.uk recently at our Harley Street London clinic for her low level laser facial. Sara was more than happy with the results, which she describes as the “holy grail of facials”.

Low level laser therapy facials work at 3 levels, creating deep and long lasting youthfulness:

  1. Lymphatic system balancing takes toxins and dead cells from the body more efficiently.
  2. Facial acupuncture stimulates and regenerates many of the body’s organs that deal with digestion, absorption and waste.
  3. Low level laser is applied directly to the face to create immediate production of collagen and a rapid generation of new cells.
  4. The treatment is completely sensation-free and leaves the patient feeling very relaxed.

A Laser Medicine Low Level Laser Facial is £225 per session and / or £1,200 for 6 sessions (£200 each).

Please call 020 7467 8470.

Go visit Stylenest for the review.