My therapeutic laser journey began when my young standard poodle dog, Lottie, fell ill unexpectedly. First she couldn’t eat or drink without vomiting. Then she completely lost her balance and developed a neurological disorder that indicated anything as serious as a brain tumour. She lost weight, went on a drip for days and lost all co-ordination and ability to walk. Yet after endless diagnostics at a specialist hospital, all  inconclusive, the vets discharged Lottie with no diagnosis and no cure. At the recommendation of a friend I drove cross country to see Gordon Farmer, a specialist in Laser Therapy Services, and Lottie’s last hope.

When we arrived Gordon took one look at Lottie and said, “Oh yes, we can sort that out. It’s a blockage pressing on the nerve that controls her balance. We’ll clear it and she will be fine.” I was sceptical and also intrigued. I had never heard of laser therapy services before, and most people I spoke to at the time hadn’t either.

After a few minutes Gordon felt his way along Lottie’s neck, found the place of discomfort, and then used a low level laser therapy device on the area for a few minutes. He said that it would take 3 days for Lottie to get back to normal. Lottie drank water without help that evening for the first time in a month, The following morning we went for a walk on the field opposite the house and she was 50% better. Within a couple of days Lottie was back to being a normal dog, as if nothing had ever happened.

Gordon also told me about many of the people that received Laser Therapy Services for Alzheimer’s, stroke recovery and tissue repair. And after witnessing Lottie’s immediate recovery I was convinced. I am happy to say that this event marked the beginning of my therapeutic laser journey and prompted me to offer Low level Laser Therapy Services to a wider audience.

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