We are pleased to become a UK reseller of the Photizo Red Light LED device for home use, which we believe may support our patients in between clinical applications of Therapeutic Laser. The LED device may also benefit those who do not live within an easy commute to our London or Norfolk clinics.

The Photizo for Pain Relief Red Light LED device can resolve various conditions including pain management, and cell / tissue regeneration, with an appropriate dose of wavelengths in the 600-800nm range.

We share our preferred protocols for the most effects ve use, in conjunction with very simple and straightforward manufacturer instructions:
Simply place the Photizo red Light LED device head (containing the LEDs) on the area to be treated, press the power button and wait until the timed treatment ends, then move it to the next area requiring treatment. Repeat until you have finished treating all the desired areas.

Power output 1300mW. (Peak output: 340mW/cm2 / Average output: 194mW/cm2).
Coverage 4.7cm2.
Wavelengths 633nm (red) and 850nm (infrared) – each dose includes both wavelengths simultaneously.
Mains power 100 – 240VAC.
Battery voltage 7.2 DC.
Battery charger 12V, 1A.
Charging time 3-4 hours.
Weight 280g.
Dose details 8 joules, 30% includes a range of pulsed frequencies (50/50 duty cycle), 70% continuous.

Laser Medicine offers a special price of £299 for the Photizo Pain Relief Red Light LED device, which includes VAT, shipping, and access to the Laser Medicine protocols.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.