Laser Medicine London, is a Harley Street Fertility Clinic specialising in the application of what has become widely known as Red Light Therapy for Fertility and Conception. We support men and women over 35 years of age to help improve reproductive health. In this article we talk specifically about the use of Red Light Therapy for sperm quality and share recent observations in clinic from our work with male patients over the last few months. Based on the results we have seen we now recommend the application of Low Level Laser or Red Light Therapy to improve sperm quality in the lead up to conception.

At Laser Medicine we work with advanced clinical Therapeutic Laser equipment (not LED): Class 3b and Class 4 Therapeutic Laser. ‘Red Light Therapy’ refers to the Infrared and Near Infrared Wavelengths in the 600-1,000 nm range, which gives Red Light Therapy its name. Although we work predominantly with women, we have worked with several men over the last few months and have seen significant improvements in their sperm quality, leading us to believe that there are significant benefits to use red light therapy for sperm quality.

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Why does Red Light Therapy improve sperm quality?

Red Light Therapy dynamically rejuvenates tissue and organs at a cellular level, raising the levels of ATP (cellular fuel) and increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the reproductive area. We work with each person individually, to improve egg and sperm quality for IVF and conception, and to optimise overall health.

Clinical studies carried out in Therapeutic Laser for Fertility.

Everything we do at Laser Medicine is based on effective and proven clinical studies, and we base our protocols on the findings of experts in the field and statistical evidence. We follow recognised fertility LLLT / light therapy protocols, in conjunction with many other PBMT protocols that we have developed for optimum health and recovery, to maximise the overall health and efficiency of the individual patient, and promote the eventual production of a healthy embryo. The mechanisms and protocols we deliver are designed to help rejuvenate eggs and sperm motility, maximise egg quality potential, prepare the body for fertilisation, and for the development of a healthy embryo and a full-term pregnancy.

When to receive Red Light Therapy for semen production.

In our work with female reproduction we appreciate that an egg takes 3-4 months for full maturation. Light applied to the ova therefore can impact on current cycles and forthcoming cycles. Sperm however has a much shorter turn around time, and we have seen improvements in sperm almost instantly. The Therapeutic Laser appears to impact on sperm quality within the week leading up to conception when samples are provided for IVF.

There have been less clinical trials carried out for red light therapy for sperm quality in men, however we have seen that a few treatments in the lead up to sperm donation or natural conception are beneficial. Therapeutic Laser is applied over the testes for a matter of a few minutes. We use non-thermal laser, so the process is sensation and pain-free. We have seen motility rates improve and quantity of sperm produced also increase.

Even better news is that if one of our existing female patients brings their male partner along to the same session we do not charge an extra fee for his treatment.

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