In the current climate, to maintain a strong and healthy immune system feels more important than ever.

The body’s immune system (also referred to as the lymphatic system) fights infection and disease. It also promotes efficient waste removal (cellular debris) via interstitial fluid into the blood stream. Key lymphatic organs (bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes) work to produce and distribute lymphocytes (T cells and B cells). A functioning lymphatic system supports a healthy body, free from disease.

There are many things that may compromise our body’s immunity. In my opinion, stress is a significant factor. Poor diet and lack of exercise is another. Inhaling and/or ingesting toxins creates additional compromise. It is virtually impossible (particularly in metropolitan areas) to completely avoid them all. Add to that the strain of modern life and pretty much everyone is sensitive to a slow or compromised immune system from time to time.

The main thrust of my work in low level laser therapy focuses on the immune system and how to support its optimal functionality. Low level laser (photobiomodulation) works at a cellular level, creating biological processes within the cell mitochondria most notably the increased production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and collagen. In addition, every single treatment that I carry out begins with the gentle stimulation of 6 key lymph nodes. Vital white cells, stored in the lymph nodes, are distributed to key areas of injury, illness and or pain. In the case of a compromised system, antigens are unlikely to reach where they are required. A short intervention with low level laser promotes the circulation of key antigens throughout the entire system. My teacher, Gordon Farmer, developed this system over many decades and recorded far more effective results from low level laser therapy after stimulating the lymph nodes first.

Whatever condition a client presents, the logical conclusion is that their natural immune system or healing mechanisms have not swung into action. Therefore the first step to recovery is to improve the functionality of the lymphatic system. This remains my primary healing principle, and low level laser is a perfect application. Non invasive and deeply penetrative light works to improve cellular function within the lymphatic system, which in turn supports healing throughout the entire body.

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